Welcome to my portfolio website!

My name is Veronica Chiaravalli and I am a Visionary Exponential Entrepreneur, Space Entrepreneur, Emerging Technologies UI/UX Designer (multi-disciplinary), Voice User Interface (VUI), and Conversational AI (CAI) Designer with a talent for exponential & emerging technologies, research, and pioneering innovation. You can say that I wear many different hats.
Looking for remote work as an Emerging Technologies UI/UX Designer or VUI Designer with a focus on emerging and exponential technologies.
Studied “Interaction Design and Mobility” (Luleå Technical University, Space Dept.), “3D Modeling and Animation in Open Source Environment 3D Blender” (Univ. of Gotland), VUI Design (Amazon), Conversation AI Design (IBM), Graphic Design (Umeå Univ.), Web Design and Web Development I and II (Luleå Tech. Univ). The following are some of the technologies and tools I work with: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, WordPress CMS, Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation, Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender 3D, Unity 3D, and UI/UX design tools for mobile apps, Apple watch, etc.
Very interested in the new generation of design and cutting-edge technologies. Other interests are tech start-ups, leadership, mentoring, coaching, and space entrepreneurship. Very strong artistic inclination, vision, and innovation skills.
I work with clients all around the world. I’m currently working on my space startup MSEI – Multiplanetary Space Exploration & Innovation as a Visionary Leader. In my company Emerging Technologies Sweden, I work with Global Grand Challenges (GGC), I lead space projects, and work with research, pioneering innovation, space entrepreneurship, project management, Emerging Technologies UI/UX Design, VUI design, and Coaching in Success and ExO Business.
For more information about me, please visit my LinkedIn profile. You can find the links to Behance and Dribbble below and hire me. I speak Spanish, English, and Swedish fluently